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GDS. 1. Availability; will display flights with seats available. 2. An arunk or surface segment of a trip. 3. American plan. 4. Code for a class of service, usually superior.
A la carte
Fr. Literally, "from the menu." 1. In restaurants, indicates that each dish ordered will have a separate price. Also, used in tour literature to indicate a choice of dishes will be available. 2. By extension, any travel products that can be purchased separately, as opposed to as a package.
1. American Airlines. 2. Alcoholics Anonymous.
American Automobile Association
American Association of Airport Executives.
Arab Air Carriers Organisation.
Asian Association of Convention and Visitors Bureaus
Agent automated deduction
Asian American Hotel Owners Association.
American Association of Port Authorities.
Association of American Railroads.
American Association of Retired Persons. Many hotels and other suppliers offer reduced AARP rates.
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